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Santa Clarita to Jawbone Store, I am NEW, HELP!

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:02 pm
by dangerdave
Bottom Line Up Front, I am looking for advice on a dual sport route (the more off road the better) from Santa Clarita (Six Flags area) to the Jawbone Store.

My current tentative routing has us traveling to Lake Hughes via the Lake Hughes Parkway, then to Three Points via Pine Canyon Road. Then it looks like I can go via the Aqueduct road? towards the Jawbone store. Any advice you can give us would be great. .GPX for loading and .KMZ for looking would be great.

My only requirements are (yes I am begging AND choosing) are: given an option, we want to ride the dirt. We would like to detour to Mojave to see the Space port (nothing much to see I know, but we are all aviators so a picture of us geeking out near a sign will suffice), the Jawbone store (because the Jawbone store), then off to Burro Schmidt mine (one of our riders is a Schmidt, no relation but still worth it), then to Randsburg and Johannesburg via the Kober Traverse (a trail that joins the two towns, named after my father. Its even on a BLM map! On the back of the Friends of Jawbone OHV East Kern county map), then to the pinnacles, Trona, Ballarat, and Panamint Springs.

A little about the ride we are planning. We will be shipping our bikes to my Brothers house in Santa Clarita near Magic Mountain. Then we are riding back to Alabama, all on dirt. OK I know we won't be able to do all dirt but the intent is as much dirt as possible.
We are starting at Wally World because that is where the movie Vacation ended, and Clark Griswold is right about so much. Having family in Santa Clarita may have something to do with it as well.
I am planning the routes from Wally World to Panamint Springs, then another in the group will be route planning through the Death Valley area and on into Vegas. We will pick up the Trans American Trail near Vegas and let GPS Kevin and Sam guide our paths from there into Mississippi via the TAT. Then the Mississippi hill country loop and then east to Alabama.

For all the purists, I know its not the TAT cause we are not going coast to coast. Now that that is out of the way back to my ramblings.

A little about us. I am retired Army. My ride is a CR250 that I use primarily for motocross. That bike is not gonna do for this, so I picked up and am modding a DRZ 400 for this trip. The guys I will be riding with are three Army guys I work and ride with here in Ft Rucker Alabama. We have 2 DRZ 400's and 2 KLR 650's. My family and I rode off road in the Red Rock Canyon, California City, El Mirage areas as a kid before I joined the Army. The other 3 in the group have varying skill levels when it comes to riding off road.

Looking for tips, pointers, advice, chastising, complaints, and mostly Routes to get us to Panamint springs, and beyond. Any advise is appreciated. The first piece of advice that I will give myself will be to keep my posts shorter, noted.

Re: Santa Clarita to Jawbone Store, I am NEW, HELP!

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:36 am
by dangerdave
In case anyone else is lurking with similar questions, here are some responses I received elsewhere for options on this routing discussion.

-go to and scroll down to countdowns private library you will find everything you are looking for there
the smts is one of Jerry Counts's projects.

-You've pretty much nailed the route for dirt (from Santa Clarita to Jawbone, especially if starting at 6 Flags, you'll have no back tracking). You can just about pop in and out of the aqueduct road as you need so you should be able to figure out getting in and out to hit up Mojave. Continue on till you need to cross over the 14 to get to the Schmidt tunnel, continue on over the mountains and pop out on the Garlock side and up to Randsburg, continue on to Trona Road through Spangler Hills area and hit up Teagle Wash Road into the Pinnacles and beyond.

-Sounds to me like you got it pretty much figured out. Go look at Jerry Count's library at the for more in depth info/ tracks. Sounds like you guys are gonna have a blast

-A cool option leaving Santa Clarita would be to go to Castaic and get on the Old Ridge Route, take that North to Sandberg and then drop down into the Valley and catch the Aqueduct Road to Mojave. The only caveat is that there is a gate at the start and I don't know if it's open right now or not.
For extra credit... when you get near the top of the RR (before dropping down into Sandberg), you can turn right onto 7N23 near the old Tumble Inn ruins and ride East over Liebre Mountain. Be sure to stay on 7N23 and drop out onto Pine Canyon Rd. (Other routes just dead-end).

I hope this helps anyone else out with a similar routing question.

Castaic dual sporters, if you have any input related to these routes please let me know. Any and all local input is greatly appreciated.

Re: Santa Clarita to Jawbone Store, I am NEW, HELP!

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:59 pm
by orangelion56
So did you do it??

Re: Santa Clarita to Jawbone Store, I am NEW, HELP!

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:49 pm
by dangerdave
We are planning on starting in Santa Clarita the first week of September. This should make the ride through the Mojave, Death Valley, Nevada, Moab etc. reasonably survivable while still getting through Colorado before the passes close due to snow.

OK I am quite aware we will probably experience 100+ temps while in California, and still get the benefit of potential freezing overnights in Colorado. But if this sport was easy, this sport would be called Golf.

We just went on a ride through north Florida. Doing some practice in the sand and getting more acclimated to the use of my Trail Tech Voyager, another using his new Garmin, use of the Sena headsets, etc. One of the other riders has his Mosko Moto soft bags (Reckless 80) and I am contemplating getting the same. So a couple more test runs are in the future with our gear to ensure we are ready for some tent nights as well as hitting up some crappy motels and greazy spoons.

We are still finalizing the details of shipping the bikes, gear etc. Checked into Pods shipping systems but they said no way to motorcycles. So we continue to search for the free'est shipping method to move four bikes + junk from Alabama to California. We discussed a Ryder truck but since there are four of us we are worried the two guys in the back of the Ryder truck would probably die through Texas somewhere on the way to California and that would be a crappy way to start the trip (Weekend at Bernies anyone?) So we may run split ops with two driving the ryder truck with all the bikes and gear and the other two flying. We are still in the deliberate descision making and planning process, so much still to learn. Can't wait to ride through the Mojave again though, it has been a few years.