Wanted to introduce myself.....Drumroll please!

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Wanted to introduce myself.....Drumroll please!

Postby oprahrider » Mon Jun 30, 2008 4:02 pm

Hi guys , I'm Oprahrider and I'm a "dualsportaholic". Ive been dualsport free now for about 22 hours and to tell you the truth I have no intention of getting off DS. I like the high too much. :eek:

I ride 2 different dualsport bikes both Suzukis. Actually that's how I found this site to begin with. I decided to sell one of them and was looking for a place to post the ad...........THEN I started looking around in here and I must say you boys look like you know how to have a good time. :)

So if you don't mind I still want to post the one bike for sale and I would like to hook up with you fellows for a ride. I am in Orange County and as you may know they closed a lot of our trails down here after the fires last year. I'm about a 30 min ride to the entrance of Holy Jim Canyon and Silverado Canyon that takes you to the North Divide Road. But almost all of that is closed. Whatever department that runs that fireroad is not particularly friendly towards motorized vehicles. They will close off our trails at the first sign of a sprinkle. Or if the titmouse is having a bad day.

Oh well I digress, The bike I'm selling is a plated RMX250 and the one I'm keeping is a DR650. And yes youre right the RMX is ten times bette in the dirt as the DR is, But anytime on the freeway with the RMX is like pulling teeth and it seems like I have to slab it farther and farther just to find some dirt. The DR will have to do.

Well fellows this is where you write back and ask me all those probng questions. You know the ones to determine if I would be fun to ride with :up: or a totally douchebag that you want to lose at the next fork in the road :down: ...LoL..... Let the inqusition begin. And the spelling lesson too!

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Postby mark_hochman » Mon Jun 30, 2008 5:29 pm

Well let me be the first to say Welcome...and you are correct these guys are a great group to ride with. Hope we see you soon :ride:

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