Dual Sport Fun Ride Sunday 20th

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Re: Dual Sport Fun Ride Sunday 20th

Postby falcon » Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:32 am

Wow, what a great day and great ride. :)
I was totaly spend :up: but all smiles the rest of the day :D
THANKs to all of you guys specialy TRAIL MASTER ROGER for get us together and make it happend.
Looking forward to ride with you guys,wish the rest of our group come around soon.
Any pictures to share? please
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Re: Dual Sport Fun Ride Sunday 20th

Postby DustyRock » Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:43 am

Roger: Thanks again for puting on a great ride. It was great to meet the new riders, whew these guys are a force to be recond with, we certainly didnt let any grass grow under out tires yesterday thats for sure. Special mention to Dave (DownHill Dave) on his his KTM 530, his ability to pass on nasty rocky, rutted downhills is nothing short of breathtaking. All in all it was a well matched bunch of guys & as you know with 10 riders thats very difficult to do. After you guys left, Greg gave Chuck some mineral oil to put in his leaky clutch & saved the day. Greg is a motorcycle shop on wheels :) .The 4 of us that decided to continue to ride on , Greg, Bryan, Chuck & myself went back to Rohwer & did the couple of trails that we missed. One was a very tight switchback rocky uphill black diamond, dont remember the name of it. We only rode for another hour or so till Chuck ran out of gas, Greg came to the rescue again. On the way back down Boquet Chuck ran out of gas, I gave him some, then Greg ran out of gas, then I gave him some ( I felt like a KC135 super tanker refueling the fighters) Then Greg ran out again, Bryan came to the rescue then as we approached town about 4 blocks from the Chevron Chuck ran out yet again, Bryan pushed him foot on kicksatnd to the station & about 20 yards from the Chevron my rear tire went flat ! :down: :excuseme: Rode nearly a 100 miles mostly dirt over all kinds of sharp rocky stuff & I get a flat on the road :?: I think I got it on the shoulder when we were transfering fuel. Oh well it was in a good location !. I rode Chucks bike back to Bryans where we staged & came back for my bike at the Chevron. WOW what a day. If Chuck ever rides dual sport again or plans on going any distance he is going to have to get a bigger tank than the MX factory he has now. All in all it was a very good day.

Here are the pics of the ride. I dont know how to post them to the photo area. http://s607.photobucket.com/albums/tt15 ... %20091220/

Thanks again to all & hope to ride with you all again, it was a blast.
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Re: Dual Sport Fun Ride Sunday 20th

Postby Aaron8 » Tue Dec 22, 2009 8:42 am

Dusty thanks for the great pictures! Sounds like quite the gasolene adventure you guys had. The way you passed me on that one whooped-out downhill just astonished me. And you say Dave passes you on the downhills?!?!? Holy crap.

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