Rowher at night

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Rowher at night

Postby jonnyNITRO » Fri May 14, 2010 8:22 am

Took a quick run over to Rowher Flats last night with a buddy.
That place is constantly changing. With amount of traffic on those trials and hills, the terrain is a continuous state of flux. You think that you know a trail and then you come across a new pile of fallen rocks or a washed out corner and the trail feels different. It keeps it interesting for the natives.
I guess that could also be the drawback for Rowher. Trail maintenance is brutal. We passed a small tractor on the 'FLAT' trail last night. It seems that new lattice-block has been installed along the downhill now just before it heads up to the road again.
The one complaint I would have about that block is that when it fills with dirt, like some of the block at Hungary Valley has done, it actually gets more slick. It's like marbles on pavement.
So as long as the block holes are empty, it's great. But when those holes fill in... watch out!

Still had a blast though. :D
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