Sat morning mud ride

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Sat morning mud ride

Postby jonnyNITRO » Tue Mar 29, 2011 2:28 pm

Peacemaker contacted me early Saturday morning and asked me to ride Rowher Flats. So I did and we trekked up the hill through the damaged road and rocky and rut-engraved trails.
With the skies still covered in dark clouds we reached the plateau of Sierra Pelona and dropped down into Rowher Flats.

The river was full and the trails had huge mud puddles.
Avoiding the muddy waters was impossible as we wound our way through the trails. Traction was slippery and slow but much of the decomposed granite soaked up the water really quickly and gave us some great traction. On the way down to Texas Trail we came across this waterfall.
I have never seen any water coming off these rocks before.

We road as many trails as we could find (including the new trail on the back side of Lookout) and eventually found ourselves at the base of Rowher Trail.

The only real hard ride was the uphill climb back to the top of Rowher. There was some really slick and nasty exposed rocks up toward the top that put a damper on our fun momentarily.
With the heavy cold air in our faces and the fogged up goggles we made it to the peak of Sierra Pelona and took a short break. The fog was as thick as soup. Headlights were a big help when it came to spotting other riders.
The crowd was minimal but we did pass a few riders on the trials.

The ride was good, no injuries and a beautiful view from the top.
And that was our 3 hour ride on a rainy Saturday morning at Rowher Flats.
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