More LAB2V Prep...

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More LAB2V Prep...

Postby stazi64 » Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:10 pm

Today I went up through Ruby Clearwater to 7n01 to Rock Inn had Prime Rib N' Eggs...!!! Then went over hill and took all dirt-roads to Rosamond Blvd ...went got gas. Then headed back on 55th which is a ended at the airport...went right til I picked up another dirt-road. I came out on 60th and took Goode Hill over then hit Bouquet....and took 6n14 back home...

There was a little exploring thrown in too... Odometer says 167mi...

Arms were noodles when I got home...hope LAB2V has lots of long easy parts...cuz I don't know how I would have done another 30mi of fire-roads...???
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